Lily-db: A Genomic Treasure For The Family Liliaceae

[2023] SSR, SNP from NCBI data added

[2022] SSR, SNP, COS-marker data updated

[2021] DEGs data addes

[2020] COS-Marker database added

[2019] SSR marker Search interface added

[2018] Lsat (SSR analysis tools for Lily Transcriptome) available.

[2017] Lily SNP marker search tools available

[2016] 71 Lily TF-SSR markers are available

Lily-db version: 1.0
Unigenes: 216,768
Avg. Length (bp): 645
Annotated Unigenes: 59637

SSR: 47,863
SNP: 20,929
COS: 1213

Lily Transcriptome sequencing, assembly and annotation details

Welcome to Liliaceae Genetic and Genomic Resources Database

Lily (Lilium sp.) is economically important flowering monocots, belonging to the genus Lilium and family Liliaceae. The Lilium genus consists of nearly 100 species and around 9,000 cultivars. Based on 13 morphological characters all these Lilium species are taxonomically classified into seven sections: Martagon, Pseudolirium, Lilium (Liriotypus), Archelirion, Sinomartagon, Leucolirion, and Oxypetalum. Although the Lilium species classified in to seven section but all the cultivars from these seven section further grouped in to three main groups: Longiflorum (L), Asiatic (A), and Oriental (O) hybrids.

lilyAsiatic lilyAsiatic lilyAsiatic
Aria [ Asiatic Lily] Pink Edge [Oriental Lily] Ice Valley [Longiflorum Lily]

Lily-db is a comprehensive database that contains a wide range of data, including information on morphology, molecular markers, gene expression, and transcription factor genes. It is a valuable resource for researchers studying Lilium species, whether in genetics, genomics, or breeding programs.

For instance, researchers can use the morphological data of cultivars to select and characterize germplasm effectively. Furthermore, the molecular markers in the database aid in distinguishing between different genotypes, especially when cultivars have similar morphologies or mixed identities.

The database also includes expression and transcriptome data, facilitating a deeper understanding of gene expression in Lilium species during biotic stress. This database contains up-to-date data until October; all the data are in the public domain.

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